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What would Fontainebleau be without its icon  "Le Bilboquet"? 
This forest jewel, internationally known, has been monitored for many years. Following the installation of measurement apparatus it has been observed that the growing tilt of the block is real. As we write this article, it seems that the addition of sandstone blocks at its base has helped to eliminate some of this movement.

Always with the goal of preserving our icon "Bleausarde", the Committee" Erosion" * has unfortunately, but necessarily, decided to prohibit climbing and has placed a notice on the block to this end.

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Noisy sur Ecole Le 28 juillet 2012

* The Commission "Erosion" is chaired by the ONF (NFB) that involve associations of climbing and nature protection: FFME, AFF, COSIROC, CIHM, etc ..."